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Office Hours

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE:  Effective Monday March 23 our office transitioned to a virtual structure.  All staff will be working remotely, from home offices out of safety for all.  Other than visitation, we will remain fully functional.

For billing OR claims please click COMPANIES link  to be routed to your carrier directly, and conveniently.    For any remaining matters, call us at 978-922-4600, following our newly updated prompts to be routed to the right team member.

If you had an accident, we’re sorry. The good news is, contacting us is when it starts to get better!

The process:
Step 1 – Secure the property. The best first step is always to limit the damage as much as possible.

Step 2 – Call our office. 978-922-4600. Our agents will guide to your next steps and direct you to one of our company claims lines.

*If after hours, follow each companies individual claim link on our companies page HERE. Then, contact us during the next business day for additional help.

**For general claim filing, or for carriers without claims portals on the Companies page,  you can also use the File Claim button below.


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