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 Covering The Insurance Side of Real Estate

As real estate experts and technology innovators, we recognize that a big hurdle for homebuyers is getting insurance in place. For homeowners, real estate investors, and business owners, renewing insurance is a yearly task that can be overwhelming and/or unsatisfying. How do your real estate clients know they’re getting the best coverage for all their insurance needs?

That’s why we created a local Insurance LAB with Archer Insurance. A free service that helps you & your clients shop for insurance through a nearly 120 year old local agency, armed with one of the largest carrier arrays in the business, to compare quotes, and choose the insurance that’s best for the situation.


1. Get Licensed

Greenwood Real Estate School now offers Insurance licensing classes.  Here, you can prepare to pass the Property & Casualty Insurance exams and fulfill your continuing education requirements. 

2. Become a Client & Refer Clients

Through a mobile friendly web portal, you & your customers will complete an initial application process allowing Archer Insurance to follow up, providing quotes. That’s it.  The rest is done by Archer! 

  • NEW CLIENT PROCESS: Risk analysis, quoting, coverage recommendations, carrier selection, closing, & docs.
  • PERPETUAL SERVICE:  Direct point of contact, real time advice, billing, claims, additional coverage, &  each client’s policy changes throughout the course of their entire lifetime.

3. Earn Passive Income

You receive 25% of total commissions for insurance written, including your own, while bringing an additional 15% directly to your KW market center.
This annually repeats with each client’s policy renewal, growing monthly while you enhance your value proposition with your prospects & clients.
*see Insurance Production Income Model



How long does it take to get licensed?

This varies per individual, ranging from a few weeks to a few months.  Attend class, study the book, use practice exams, and take the exam.

What kind of insurance does this include?

Home, auto, renters, landlord, commercial property, professional liability, boat, business, and all standard types of property & casualty insurance.

What do I need to do to refer a client?

Collect and enter client information into Archer’s online portal, thereby creating the introduction, and you’re done.  The client then becomes part of your book of business once we close it.

What is my role after I make the connection? 

Archer will always represent to the client that we service the insurance “for” YOU, their agent.  So, you’ll remain connected, but only in such a way that the client always recognizes our team approach.

What if there is a problem with one of my accounts?

Each KW agent will have their own level of interest in our side of the fence.  Generally, we’ll avoid bothering you for the ordinary interactions, but notifying you if a special issue should arise.  Let us know your style.

What if my book grows within the Archer office?

Archer will work on your behalf to round your accounts.  Direct and indirect referrals are tracked and paid to you!  

How do myself and Keller Williams get paid?

Each month, Archer Insurance Agency will generate a commission report to the active KW agents/producers, and the market center, paying commissions to each directly. 

What are the costs associated with licensing?

Optional online study courses (no pre-license requirement) up to $169
Individual testing fees: Property $39, Casualty $39. Combined $49
Individual Property and Casualty Producer 3 year License $305
Business Entity Insurance License & Certified Articles or Organization $15, Certificate of legal existence $10, 1 year license $80
Online CE $39 covers 60 hours within first renewal and 45 hours every 3 years thereafter




Archer Insurance is an independent insurance broker licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Archer Insurance, Keller Williams Realty Beverly, Keller Williams Realty Eastern Middlesex and Keller Williams Realty Greater Newburyport are independent entities.  Each are party to agreements pursuant to which commissions on insurance customer accounts are shared. These agreements do not increase or in any other way affect premiums should you elect to place your insurance coverage thru Archer Insurance.


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